Matthew +Erika

November 2020

“Once my fiancé and I had to reschedule our wedding because of COVID I knew I needed someone to help me/take charge because the reception will now be on the family property and not a venue. It was like God heard my prayers because that same week, I found Brianna Flanagan’s Instagram, and I knew immediately that she had to be our wedding planner.


Her extreme attention to detail and her ability to visualize how the day will go is everything we needed to make our wedding turn into our dream wedding. I had so much confidence and faith in her that the morning of the wedding, I knew I didn’t have to worry or stress about anything because I had Bri. To any bride trying to schedule or reschedule a wedding and have nowhere to begin, I highly advise you to contact Bri and let her work her wedding magic. I wish we could do it all over again, because between our meetings and the actual wedding day, it was all so fun and a friendship really does flourish. Thank you again, Brianna Flanagan Events!"