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About Me

Design has always been my passion. Even as a young girl, I would ask my parents if I could be the one to create and organize our family Thanksgiving tablescapes. From there on, my creative outlet & passion for detail would continue to develop. In today's era of social media, Pinterest, and a booming wedding industry, it is easy for couples to get overwhelmed with the process of planning their dream day. Design, Scheduling, Vendors, Finances, and the list goes on. My desire is for my clients to find comfort in knowing they can be still in the process and allow myself to help create their visions for their special day come to life. 

Details Matter

As your wedding planner, I will always be devoted to details. Allowing a bride and groom to create visions that represent themselves is vital in creating a wedding day that reflects the two of you joining together in marriage. The small details often speak the loudest about who the couple is. Whether you have a love for succulents, donuts, coffee, or even a particular color theme, I believe it is all those things that truly help make a wedding day so special. Allow your guests to first be captivated by your love and second, by the details that share more of who you are.